PHPSound Sitemap & tweaks

this is some tweaks and modifications i made to PHPSound 😉

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Edit the Twitter share text to add your website name as a #hashtag :

1- go to themes/sound/js/functions.js

2- search for :

else if(social == 2)

3- edit this line as you wish“”+title+”&url=”+url, “”, “width=500, height=250”);

a demo for you (change SiteName to your site) :“”+title+”&url=”+url+”&hashtags=SiteName”, “”, “width=500, height=250”);

Add Sitemap to use it with Google Webmaster tools :

1 – Download this file and unzip it.

2- upload sitemap.php to your script main folder.

3- go to your Google Webmaster tools console and pick your website.

4- go to Crawl -> Sitemaps and click Add/Test Sitemap then write the following and Submit :



Create robots.txt and copy the text below to it :

User-agent: *
Disallow: /themes/

contact me if you need me to install the latest version (6.5.0 – 18 March 2021) for you.

if you found this post useful feel free to offer me a cup of coffee 😉

Author: Ahmed Aly

Web & Apps Developer