How to fix (blowfish_secret) is not the correct length

after installing phpMyAdmin you migh face this error in the footer :

The secret passphrase in configuration (blowfish_secret) is not the correct length. It should be 32 bytes long.

the solution is very easy, just login to your server ssh and edit this file using nano or your preferd editor :

nano /etc/phpMyAdmin/

search for


change its value to a 32 lenght new secret

you can use this tool to generate a 32 lenght secret.

the final line should look like :

$cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] = ‘WVHvIdiv1YGDED4umrVEsf2aijWTM6IL’;

now save the file, log out of phpMyAdmin and login again 😉

Author: Ahmed Aly

Web & Apps Developer